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Our Story



Surf Academy is a Collective of surfers committed to bringing people closer to nature through the act of riding waves. Marion Clark and Jamie Marcellus, the managing partners, are the protégé of Mary Setterholm, US Surfing Champion, Hermosa Beach Walk of Fame Honoree, and Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame Honor Roll. Mary founded Surf Academy in 2000 and pledged to pass on her stoke when the next generation was ready. Marion, Jamie and their crew of quality surf instructors have taken the ball and run with it, expanding the core principles of Surf Academy with new and exciting programs that spread the stoke and love of surfing.

We believe that a surf lesson with us is a valuable investment of your money and your time! What you learn with Surf Academy is going to SAVE you time and struggle in the water. We remain committed to providing the local community with enthusiastic and professional surf instructors who teach and coach surfing for women, men, teenagers, and children of all ages.


But don’t just take our word for here, be sure to check out the rave reviews from the Surf Academy community.


Surf Academy operates exclusive Surf Camps, Group Surf Lessons, and Private Surf Lessons in partnership with the Cities of Santa Monica and Huntington Beach. Los Angeles County Beaches in Manhattan Beach provide additional locations for Corporate Surf Parties solely run by Surf Academy. Surf Academy also offers surf trips and excursions.


Surf Academy instructors coach the Santa Monica Middle and High School Surf Clubs/Teams. In 2013, Surf Academy launched the League of Women Surfers to improve the position of women’s surfing in surf competitions and within the surfing community.


Surf Academy also has a community outreach program, Surf Bus Foundation, which brings at-risk youth to the beach, teaching them to surf and sparking their dreams and imaginations!

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