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FAQ  Mindbody

Create a Mindbody Account

We use MindBody scheduling for Surf Teams, Private & Semi Private lessons, surf trips and more! Your cooperation with signing in through Mindbody helps us to organize things like PE hours, instructor schedules and payment processing.  

For your initial account set up through MindBody, please register from a computer by clicking here (not the mobile app).

*When signing up for your child, you do not need to have an account, just enter your child's information and you can use your email/login for the account.

*If you have more than 1 child on surf team, please create a separate account for each, including separate email (which is your login) and password. 

Purchasing a Surf Team Membership Package

There a couple ways to purchase a membership package:

  • Go the the Surf Teams Page and click the membership option you wish to buy. You will get sent to our Mindbody "Online Store." Follow the instructions to either create or login to the account of the person who will be attending the practices & make the purchase. 


  • From the "Surf Team Practices" tab in Mindbody, you can click on a practice you wish to attend and then be prompted to to purchase a series or membership package. The default is the "yearly membership" which is a 1 time payment. If you'd like one of the "contract" or payment plan options you'll need to go to "contracts" (located below the tabs along the top) and there you can choose your contract option. (this options is not available if using the MindBody App)

Signing up for Surf Team Practices

Once you have a membership, you can then sign into practices from your desktop computer or the mobile app.

  • From the Surf Teams Page on our website you can scroll down to the calendar/schedule and sign in to the practices.

  • You can login to our Mindbody site (which you can also find on the Surf Teams Page), go to the "surf team practices" tab and sign in.

  • You can sign in from the mobile app.

Using the App

Make sure your initial sign up is on a desktop, not the mobile app.

Once you have created your account and purchased your membership you can use the mobile app to sign-in to practices. If you have not purchased a membership in your account, the only option to purchase will be the "yearly membership" or "single semester membership". "Contracts" cannot be purchased from the app.

You must link your Surf Academy account with your Mindbody app. For your passes to show up in the Mindbody app you must have the most recent version of the app. If  you are having trouble using the app to sign in for practices and you've already completed the previous two steps, you must email a help request directly to Mindbody. 

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