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Covid-Safe Practices

How can I be sure that COVID-safe practices are actually being followed?

We will take care to set up camp in ways that enable people to be safe by keeping distance. We will be using our game cones to mark how we want students to distribute (8 feet apart on land) when we’re giving safety talks, and during any work outs we give. 6 feet of distance is already customary for surfers, but we will be encouraging 8 feet and not allowing students to share waves. For now, we will not be having tents, and will try to have as few personal belongings on shore as possible. Instructors will wear masks during transport/pickup/dropoff, and stand facing the wind when giving instructions. We will be monitoring instructor temperatures and symptoms daily, and asking all parents to do the same with participating students. We will have signs placed around the beach reminding everyone of proper safety behavior.

What are we doing about shared surfaces?

We are bringing back our various tent set ups for the summer and will once again lend out cleaned and fully sanitized wetsuits and boards on a weekly basis, as needed by our students. Tent legs, tables, and surfboards will be sanitized between am and pm sessions, and before being put away for the evening. We encourage anybody who is concerned to come with their own gear.


Will there be hand sanitizer available?



Are there any other major changes to programming due to COVID?

Yes. We are shortening surf sessions, following these recommendations, to a maximum of 2.5 hours. We are also keeping groups smaller than usual, while maintaining the same instructor to student ratio.


What if I want to pay with a check?

We would much prefer payment through mindbody, since it’s safer for COVID (following these recommendations) and also our typical preference. However if that is the only way you can pay, we will make a concession.


You said I should clean out my wetsuit, how do I do that?

Don't use shampoo or soap, and NEVER put your wetsuit in the washing machine or dryer. The best way is to use wetsuit cleaner, which you can order online at Body Glove, or buy from Dive n Surf. Surf Academy uses an enzyme wash called Pau Pilau, which you can get off Amazon or directly from the company. 


For more detailed information on COVID-19 protocol provided by Santa Monica, please visit this website:

Things for Parents to Know:


  • We encourage students to bring their own equipment if they have it. We do have shared equipment for use: boards, wetsuits, rashguards that can be used by the week. If a student comes without a rash guard, we have loaners that are faded versions of our most current uniforms. Loaners are to be returned the day they are used and the weekly uniform is collected every Friday.

  • Bring everything you might need. Your child needs to be sunscreened up 20-30 minutes prior to getting to the beach. We want to minimize touching your child's face to help them apply/reapply sunscreen. Please have them well-fed and well-watered. Bring a filled reusable water bottle so they don’t need to use public facilities. Snacks are great if they will want them. There will be absolutely no sharing allowed. We always have emergency supplies, and that’s exactly what they are for: emergencies.

  • Limit/avoid travel with others outside your household. While carpooling is usually super fun, it’s just not a safe way to get to and from practice right now.

  • Take your kids' temperatures, and be mindful of your activity outside of Surf Academy. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please don’t come to practice/camp. If you are having any symptoms, please don’t come to practice. Parents will be expected to take their kids temperatures daily before coming to the beach. Also, make sure to clean out your wetsuits between sessions, and of course shower yourself too.

  • All Surf Academy staff and counselors-in-training are vaccinated against Covid-19. Our intention is to build social trust between differing households and in the community.  An ongoing goal is the protection of ourselves, students, and community at large.​

  • Make sure your kiddos understand the importance of physical distancing, and are willing to be conscious of distance. While instructors will be enforcing and reminding students of safe practices, students must be willing to cooperate for them to work.

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