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Surf Contest #1 Postponed

11/20 Surf Contest Postponed to DECEMBER 4th in Santa Monica due to Beach Hazard Statement

Aloha Ohana~

The National Weather Service just issued the following notice for Santa Monica. The impacts of this begin late Saturday night and continue for 48 hours:

Jamie and I, Wright the Beach Marshal, our professional judges, and your groms beloved coaches are committed to a fun and trauma-free event for the kiddies. While there may be a handful of groms that would froth at 5-8ft surf for a contest, that is not the majority of our competitors, nor are the ocean conditions that accompany 5-8ft surf the kind of conditions we want to push/compel the kids into competing for their first contest. The heaviness of the conditions ends up out-weighing the fun factor. We want to see the kids catch and ride waves, not fight for 10 minutes to paddle out and get slammed by gnarly whitewater.

Everyone who is currently registered for the contest will receive a notice from Mindbody tomorrow about the date change to December 4th. If there is a conflict of some kind that cannot be changed, you will be able to take your grom off the schedule and add him/her to the December 18th event.

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